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Autism Spectrum Assessment Centre (ASAC)

Providing Autism Spectrum Assesment and other disability services 

One of the least recognised aspects of disability is the psychological impact. For those who acquire a disability, it's often difficult to adjust to life when the way you do things and the way you feel about yourself has changed. Even for those who have lived with disability since birth, each new phase of life brings new challenges. The lives of your family members may also be affected in different ways.​

One in five Australians reports having a disability

Psychologists work with people with disability and can offer specialised assessment, intervention, behaviour support, communication techniques, and environmental strategies

There is strong evidence supporting the benefits of psychological interventions in autism and intellectual disability, the two most prominent diagnoses amongst NDIS participants

How can The Help Centre support you?


  • Annual/Biannual Progress reports

  • Assist in detecting and diagnosing various developmental and learning disorders 

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Develop treatment plans and training goals

  • Document and monitor progress over time

  • Determine eligibility for services, and evaluate capacity to live or work independently

  • Guide NDIS plan funding by identifying specific areas that may need additional support.

The Help Centre, is a registered NDIS service provider – NDIS Organisation 4050002750

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