We provide comfortable and supportive one-on-one therapy. Each client works with their therapist to create a personalised treatment plan addressing their mental health goals in order to improve well-being and promote individual growth. 

Early intervention is vital in fostering a child's mental health development. We are experienced in helping children and their families manage problems such as behavioural issues, depression, anxiety and difficulties associated with developmental delay. 

Cognitive Assessment

These are used to identify giftedness, intellectual disability and cognitive strengths and weaknesses

Autism Assessment

These are used to assess and diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder. This can be done at any age.

Functional Behaviour


This looks at how your day-to-day functional skills are impacted by your disorder.

Personality Assessment

This is used for assessing and diagnosing chronic personality disorders.

We offer a range of psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions for clients suspected of or diagnosed with a disability.